Mountain Biking and Working

I had a couple of opportunities to travel up to Oakridge, Oregon to get some off-road training in.  Last Monday I shuttled Alpine (you can read about that on my other blog ) and yesterday I set up our Travel Lane County booth at the FAT55 race then went to ride Salmon Creek.  I had my trusty Adventure Map, which was kind of useful… kind of.. and the advice of GOATS leader, Ben Beamer.

Adventure Map in a GOATS glass

I crammed as much information into my memory bank as I could and rode away, up highway 58, to the Willamette Mountain Mercantile Store to get some sunglasses, then to the levee (btw what does a levee look like?).

Trail Sign at Willamette Mountain Mercantile

I may not have crossed the levee because I’m not sure what that looks like and I’m far too “cool” to ask.   So if you are reading this for advice about the trail, go past a levee, then cut in and there is a trail head marking.  I was fortunate that the race I was up there for had pre-marked the trail with chalk arrows.  There are a few turns and forks in the road that, instinctively, didn’t feel right, but I followed because of chalk arrows.  I was glad I did because they led to more chalk arrows and ultimately to the Salmon Creek campground.

Salmon Creek Campground

The trail was pretty easy, no climbing, an occasional up and an occasional down.  There were nice vistas of the creek and the Willamette National Forest hill sides.  I think if I were to recommend it, I would almost tell people to start from the campground and ride down the trail and back up.

Trailhead Sign in Salmon Creek Campground

Fall Folliage!

The Crick

obligatory self-portrait

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since I last posted I haven’t done anything to prepare for the ride.  i went shopping for bike shorts and decided that the unsightly hole in mine will probably only mildly offend my biking companions, so they don’t need replacement.  i’ve continued to ride my bike to work.  i’m up to about 200 miles for the month.  i bought some new gloves, and some toe covers.  it’s beginning to feel like fall (read- it’s cold!).  i just want to pack and go, tomorrow.

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